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Executive Creator

Simone Vecchiato

General Manager

Chiara Tasca

We have many years of experience
in woodworking

  • 2010

    SV Mini House was born in 2010 from the passion for wood of Simone Vecchiato. Always attentive to the needs of each individual and to those of the environment, Simone specializes in the design and construction of wooden structures for mountain tourism. Trying to change the way of conceiving the wooden pre-entry for caravans, he has built structures that blend with the surrounding environment and that allow, at the same time, a new and unforgettable experience of residence.

  • 2015

    In 2015 Simone started an innovative project for Italy, but which is already a consolidated reality in America and North Europe. This project led him to the creation of the first Italian Tiny House on wheels, completely made of wood, with plates and homologated for free circulation on the road and with a living space of 20 square metres.
  • 2018

    In 2018 he presented it to the public, renaming it “Chiara Tiny House”: from this moment on, he opened the way not only to a new way of going on holiday, but also to a new way of conceiving the house.
  • 2019

    Today SV Mini House is the first Italian company to present and build Tiny Houses in American style with high quality finishes and typically Italian taste: a real product made in Italy. In addition, with this new project, SV Mini House supports a lifestyle based on greater freedom and respect for the environment, a type of glamping environmentally sustainable and with zero impact. This is SV Mini House: taste for research, respect for the material, passion, experience and satisfaction… just for you!

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S.V. Mini House Simone Vecchiato
Via Marangona, 10/a
31030 Arcade (TV) Italia

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S.V. Mini House Simone Vecchiato
Via Ruggero Lombardi, 6
Zona Artigianale
31030 Arcade (TV) Italia

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