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Why choose a Tiny House?

A Tiny House allows a simplier lifestyle, but without sacrificing the comfort and luxury of a real home.

What’s the difference between a Tiny House, a Caravan or a Camper?

First of all, the structure of a Tiny House is very different from the one of a caravan or motorhome. Built entirely of wood, a Tiny House has excellent thermal insulation and the interior space recalls the spaces of a traditional house with certified electrical and plumbing systems. In addition, a Tiny House offers the possibility of movement as it is licensed and approved for free circulation on the road.

What lifestyle does it represent?

A Tiny House represents a simplier and freer lifestyle.

What kind of transport and license do you need?

The Tiny Houses can be moved with approved vehicles to tow 30 or 35 quintals. In Italy, cars can tow up to 35 quintals for a total of 70 quintals. The necessary licences are BE or C1E. With these licences you can travel throughout the European Community.

Tiny House Homologated in Italy, what are their characteristics?

The Tiny Houses of our production are customizable according to the necessity of the client and they meet the standards for weights and measures of approval. They range in length from 5.50 to 8 metres, excluding the rudder, and can have a maximum height of 3.90 metres and a maximum width of 2.50 metres, for a total of 35 quintals. The Tiny Houses can be placed in any public or private land because they do not require a construction permit as trailers. In Italy, they cannot be permanently connected to users. In some regions it is possible to apply for a residence.

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