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Oak is mainly used for luxury furniture. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is very resistant to stress and weathering. It is hardwood, stable and durable.

Origin: Europe
Hardness: medium/high (Brinell hardness 3.8 N/mm2)
Stability: medium/high

Abete Bianco Rosso

Silver Fir or Red Fir

Spruce is mainly used for internal and external cladding because it is capable of providing good resistance to stress.

Origin: Europe
Hardness: medium (Brinell hardness 1,5 N/mm2)
Stability: medium

Austrian Larch

Thanks to its thermal insulating properties, larch is a wood suitable for internal and external cladding. It is also a hard wood, very resistant to external stresses and with excellent impermeability.

Origin: Europe
Hardness: medium hard (Brinell hardness 1.9 N/mm2) with good stability
Certifications: our woods come from PEFC and FSC certified production chains.

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