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Stationary Tiny Houses

Tiny House Fissa


Our wooden Tiny Houses with fixed module and base raised from the ground, renovate the old pre-entry for caravans allocated in campsites and resorts. Born from the passion for the mountains and from the respect for the environment. These Tiny Houses are designed to ensure your comfort and safety in every situation, even at very low temperatures, and their structure is suitable to withstand large flows of snow.

pre-ingresso (S)


Customizable according to the customer’s needs, the stationary Tiny Houses are equipped, a table and a bench.

Pre-ingresso (M)


These structures, built in accordance with regional standards, can also be equipped with a summer terrace with sliding glass windows or transparent PVC closing systems.

Tettoia per roulotte


Designed to be placed close to your caravan, our stationary Tiny Houses have a load-bearing structure that can withstand high loads and protect your caravan from the elements.