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Wood Projects

progetti in legno

Let’s make your dreams come true

Exclusive wooden constructions for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to our experience in structural carpentry and traditional carpentry we can build wooden verandas and porches suitable for the installation of photovoltaic systems, custom kitchens, custom garden houses and Tiny Houses on wheels or stationary Tiny Houses.

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and Porches

Our porches, with structures in laminated wood and iron, offer a space suitable for parking cars and installing photovoltaic, solar or thermal systems. Even our verandas are designed to allow you to enjoy the best of your home: in fact, they are great for creating a relaxing area in your garden.

Progetto 2


We make custom kitchens with personal solutions.

Progetto 3

Tiny Houses

Our Tiny Houses are designed to meet your necessity: they can be spacious shelters for tools or small spaces to study, relax and restore the spirit.